Aristotle - The Organon - index for DE SOPHISTICIS ELENCHIS Section 3

Responding to sophistical arguments

TextParagraph Index
Part 16 Sophistries must be answered as well as understood
Part 17 Refutation by fraudulent artifice, equivocation, amphiboly
Part 18 Making a distinction versus demolishing a premiss
Part 19 Equivocal premisses versus equivocal conclusions
Part 20 Fallacies involving division and combination of words
Part 21 Accentuation
Part 22 Identical expressions for distinct things
Part 23 Summary on answers for arguments depending on language
Part 24 Dealing with arguments which depend on accident
Part 25 Arguments depending on expressions not valid absolutely
Part 26 Comparing the conclusion with its contradictory
Part 27 Begging the question
Part 28 Refutations reaching their conclusion through the consequent
Part 29 Refutations whose reasoning depends on some addition
Part 30 Refutations which make several questions into one
Part 31 Those who draw one into repetition
Part 32 Refuting solecisms
Part 33 Degrees of difficulty in refutation of fallacies

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