Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 8

Arrangement and method in posing questions

TextParagraph Index
Part 1 The premisses which have to be adopted
Part 2 Syllogism and demonstration versus induction
Part 3 Sources of difficulty in discussion
Part 4 The business of a good answerer
Part 5 Premisses generally accepted or rejected without qualification
Part 6 What the aims of the answerer should be
Part 7 Terms used obscurely
Part 8 A premiss relates to a constituent in the reasoning
Part 9 Before advancing a position, test it
Part 10 Demolish the point on which the fallacy depends
Part 11 Five kinds of criticism of arguments
Part 12 An argument is called fallacious in four senses
Part 13 People seem to beg their original question in five ways
Part 14 Training and practice in arguments

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