Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 6

The discussion of definitions

TextParagraph Index
Part 1 The five parts of the discussion of definitions
Part 2 Obscurity
Part 3 Redundancy
Part 4 Intelligibility, priority, circularity
Part 5 When an object in a genus has not been placed in it
Part 6 Whether the differentiae be those of the genus
Part 7 Whether application of a term is consistent with its definition
Part 8 Definitions of terms which are relative
Part 9 Definitions of state, of relatives, of contraries
Part 10 Like inflexions, ambiguous terms
Part 11 Complex terms, equimembrals
Part 12 Reality, relatives, imperfection, desirables
Part 13 Product and sum
Part 14 Definitions as composites or contraries

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