Aristotle - The Organon - index for TOPICA Book 1

Preliminary considerations

TextParagraph Index
Part 1 What reasoning is
Part 2 For what purposes the treatise is useful
Part 3 On the way to proceed
Part 4 Of what parts our inquiry consists
Part 5 Definition, property, genus, and accident
Part 6 Remarks made in criticism of definitions
Part 7 Senses borne by the term 'Sameness'
Part 8 Confirming the senses of 'definition'
Part 9 Categories of predicate
Part 10 Dialectical propositions and problems
Part 11 Theses
Part 12 Species of dialectical arguments
Part 13 Four sources of arguments
Part 14 Three divisions of propositions and problems
Part 15 The number of senses a term bears
Part 16 Difference should be examined in same genera
Part 17 Likeness should be studied in different genera
Part 18 It is useful to study difference in meaning of a term

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