Aristotle - The Organon - index for ANALYTICA POSTERIORA Book 2

Posterior Analytics

TextParagraph Index
Part 1 Four kinds of question
Part 2 Whether a connexion is a fact
Part 3 How essential nature is revealed
Part 4 Whether syllogism is possible
Part 5 The method of division a not a process of inference
Part 6 The definable form must not fall within the syllogism
Part 7 How then by definition shall we prove essential nature?
Part 8 Whether essential nature is demonstrable
Part 9 There are essential natures which are immediate
Part 10 Defining definition
Part 11 We have scientific knowledge when we know the cause
Part 12 Middle term as cause
Part 13 The elements predicated as constituting the definable form
Part 14 The method of selection of analyses and divisions
Part 15 Identical and subordinate connexions
Part 16 Whether, when the effect is present the cause also is present
Part 17 Must identical effects have identical causes?
Part 18 Which of multiple middles is the cause?
Part 19 How basic premisses become known.

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